The Apartment Diaries

by City Of Sound



Jordan Wright - Vocals/Piano

We see so much destruction every single day due to our ability to access information, and it has given many of us a negative view of our world.  I believe that there is still a lot of beauty left in the human Spirit, and that if you want to do something good, you simply have to look around you.  I'm not ignorant to the brokenness that exists in our society, but I won't ignore the goodness that still exists in everyday people.  Our music aims to change our society's perception of itself, to see the love that still exists in everyone of us.


Andrew Leigh - Guitar

As a musician I hope that the music I am apart of creating brings people more of the most beautiful parts of life.  I love the fact that music can highlight the parts of our journey that are most precious, and at the same time be a help through some of the toughest experiences we encounter as humans. That is what music has always been to me and I love having the opportunity to be that for others.


Lacey ammar - Violin

I'm drawn to all things magical and epic, so naturally, City of Sound was a good fit. I believe the best way to live is to live by intuition, Spirit, "The Force," call it what you will. Looking back, all the best, totally unexpected things that have happened in my life, happened because I followed that feeling. I believe in being true to yourself, however weird and quirky. I for one, am a total nerd, living half in an epic fantasy world and half here. I believe life is about mastery, or rather, the pursuit of it. I love growth, particularly when I can be a part of helping others to progress towards the highest, most alive versions of themselves. This is what I hope to inspire with City of Sound. 



Sticks and stones, they tear your skin, and break your bones

then these words, with the might of a thousand storms shake the earth

but, you and I, collide into their threats

carry worth

it's our time, to recite a song of no return

sons and daughters remain strong, these devils hold a light

when they come, and these skies of hell rain down may you sing

"I'd rather  burn forever"

take your time, let the whole world see our light

shed our skin, but this is the moment our voice begins

delight in our afterglow

our design; redefined

we've longed to be set free

in the end we delight

in the rise our ashes bring


I For One

Carry me out there beyond the atmosphere

I really want to know

See if our likeness lives in the stars

I'm here, I'm ready for the show

I for one, well I for one, I stand in the mind of a maker out here

brace for the sun, see comets run

I find there's a hope for the future, my dear

I for one, see the light of the future so clear

brace for the setting sun, I see the hope for the future right here

I see the hope for the future right here

I see the hope for the future

bright, right here

I see the hope for the future right here

Gone beyond these lights where time stands still

I'm ready to be shown

hear the ancients call my heart

"be still, and turn your eyes to home."

Like the sun awakening from the heavens

I will set fire to the clouds

setting their hearts ablaze

changing the way, they see these skies

I see the hope for the future right here 



I can see  my own penance deems a lane to perdition

I seek, I seek another way home for all that i’ve done

can’t resist what I’ve witnessed


realize I’ve been given a means to fight until the daybreak

until I fall

carry on, please lead me to something 

as I pass by the destruction

a wasteland

the weight of all I am

tho my failures follow injustice

tho all these crimes call for judgement

a wasteland

the weight I bare; I can

scars of twisted ambition seek a need for conviction and peace

a long to rise again, upon this wasteland

can’t deny my addiction; disease

admit to my weakness

retreat; no long a way home

for a rider of storms

as the sun lights the day

and my body’s laid to rest

in peace I can proclaim

that I fought to the death and waged war

waged war


The Show

Hit the lights, check the sound, take the stage, stand my ground

lay it on me, it on me, it all on me

Show my scars, share my pain, sing my joy, feel the grace

lay it on me, it on me, it all on me

the show will make a way

I want to know beyond what lies on the outside

Go along this ride, searching where life began

I want to sail to the farthest reaches of your mind

I can take my place, and I won't be looking back

speak my fears, face my change, admit wrongs, capture faith

lay it on me, it on me, it all on me

heard my name, saw the signs, answered calls, witnessed life

lay it on me, it on me, it all on me

and the show will make a way



seek to find, pull the string, hear the depth

of a hearts’ beat is taking over 

free fall into closure 

sing a carol, sing free

from the depth of a heart speaks

of things to be and of things to see

all our love taking the night

the lies are undone as we become 

fierce suns bound together

cut the line let it go

take the wind to the unknown

you’re getting closer 

a clear mind carries over

a buried spark will concede

don’t get lost in the cold deep

take time to breath, take time to dream

you’ve come

more or less with nothing

you long, to find a way

you’ve run

too far for nothing

so become

a buried spark will concede

don't get lost in the cold


Wake up

blinded we’ve become to carnage and violence

these hands bound and tied

to prosper, within lines

the weakest; prey for kings; the design of our being

pretend we’re surprised when we consume

and take sides

are we owned

are we clones

on the line, and now it’s ‘o so clear

I won’t go

I’m waking up , I’m waking up

defiance, once what I feared

but now I know

I’m waking up, I’m waking up

Our cage all depends, if we need convenience

disguise all these words with passion and page turns

the blood stained cathedrals blamed

can’t admit to our mistakes

forced into a damned romance

who will scream, “resistance”

Rattle the cage

these chains were meant

for someone else

We are the rage

defiant to the walls you build




05/19/17 Molly Malone's Los Angeles SOLD OUT

07/29/17   The Roxy  Los Angeles SOLD OUT

10/23/17 Highline Ballroom NYC









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