Jordan Wright - Vocals/Piano

We see so much destruction every single day due to our ability to access information, and it has given many of us a negative view of our world.  I believe that there is still a lot of beauty left in the human Spirit, and that if you want to do something good, you simply have to look around you.  I'm not ignorant to the brokenness that exists in our society, but I won't ignore the goodness that still exists in everyday people.  Our music aims to change our society's perception of itself, to see the love that still exists in everyone of us.


Andrew Leigh - Guitar

As a musician I hope that the music I am apart of creating brings people more of the most beautiful parts of life.  I love the fact that music can highlight the parts of our journey that are most precious, and at the same time be a help through some of the toughest experiences we encounter as humans. That is what music has always been to me and I love having the opportunity to be that for others.


Lacey NOVA - Violin

I'm drawn to all things magical and epic, so naturally, City of Sound was a good fit. I believe the best way to live is to live by intuition, Spirit, "The Force," call it what you will. Looking back, all the best, totally unexpected things that have happened in my life, happened because I followed that feeling. I believe in being true to yourself, however weird and quirky. I for one, am a total nerd, living half in an epic fantasy world and half here. I believe life is about mastery, or rather, the pursuit of it. I love growth, particularly when I can be a part of helping others to progress towards the highest, most alive versions of themselves. This is what I hope to inspire with City of Sound.